Remove it Down RP profile codes ofiles is easier sorted and searched utilizing the label

Remove it Down RP profile codes ofiles is easier sorted and searched utilizing the label

Remove it Down RP profile codes ofiles is easier sorted and searched utilizing the label

Free profile templates designed with RPHaven (RPH) at heart. Pages could be easier sorted and searched utilizing the tags: tabs, no tabs, gallery, no gallery, a lot of content, small content, a lot of pictures, small pictures, easy/moderat/hard trouble, rendered image, and themed

Diamond Pulse

This might be a simpler profile. Hover throughout the midsection to help make the text look. Replace the back ground image for the big diamonds (Diamond and Diamond2) while the smaller “icon” ones you simply replace the image into the img div.

The colors can be changed by you and fonts all you have to. We actually highly usually do not suggest changing the design. And conditions that arise from which will be you to amend. Leave the signature link and image here in addition to credits for me in the rule.

For those who have any queries, go ahead and shoot me personally a note. Fair caution, we don’t check into here unless I’m posting or modifying a rule, but you can probably get a hold of me faster that way if you know an of my alts in RPH.

the image utilized in the profile just isn’t personal

Right side, hover to help make the part that is covering away. Kept part scrolls. Hover throughout the center for an enjoyable bit. A bit more complex to relax and play with, therefore take note

exact exact exact Same gist right right here as always. Because of this one also we highly don’t suggest messing aided by the design, in the event that you begin altering or resizing the margins/location, you’ll throw down the alignments. Keep my website website link symbol here and keep it hyperlinked because of the image intact. You’ll replace the colors and history – that won’t wreck havoc on any such thing, and alter the image.

Credit to Hero Patterns for the backdrop rule.


This rule is just a code that is fairly straightforward. Not so difficult if you are able to work the tabs.

Go ahead and replace the colors and fonts. Please do replace the image (this 1 is actually mine so plz don’t utilize it). Keep the credits in my opinion within the rule as well as the signature website website website website link image as it is.

(we don’t understand why the scrollbar is green for the reason that pic, but we fixed it when you look at the rule it self.)

Triangles while the Triangles Alt

There’s two variations to the one, the standard triangles and the alternative one. The typical one uses a hover impact – hover over a graphic triangle to show the image that is whole. The Alt one the triangles are clickable with color and pulse results over them on hover. Hover throughout the display to grow the panels that are collapsed.

Go ahead and affect the colors and alter the pictures, plus the back ground pattern. In the event that you replace the design, then something that breaks is for you to correct. Usually do not remove my signature website website website link image or credit through the rule.

Credit to Hero Patterns for the back ground rule


Personally I think such as this one is self explanatory. It really is more difficult to do business with

WARNING: when modifying the html section, be cautious as to what its you may be pressing. This shit is convoluted. Substitute s and just text. Whatever else might F it up. It is extremely STRONGLY recommended with it otherwise that you don’t mess. We shall maybe maybe maybe not assist fix any mistakes if it occurs.

Leave my signature link. Don’t wreck havoc on it, don’t take it off. Simply keep it where it belongs, same using the credits into the rule.

Demon’s Chess

The king that is black squares expose text on hover. Those containers scroll, yet still should most likely restrict their content. The queen that is grey had been initially designed to have photos (you can place them here), but i did son’t feel just baltimore male escort like fishing up sufficient photos making it work. Credit to Hero Patterns for the back ground rule.

Leave my signature link. Don’t wreak havoc on it, don’t take it off. Simply keep it where it belongs.

Mind Rot

Exact exact exact Same rules use here. You are able to fill out the information part you desire, but don’t mess with all the css/style coding. credit to Hero Patterns when it comes to background pattern code. We recognized that We have actuallyn’t been providing them with credit.

Leave my signature link. Don’t wreak havoc on it, don’t eliminate it. Simply keep it where it belongs.

Vintage Aesthetic

exact exact Same rules use. This one’s quite simple. Every one of the“pictures that are framed have guideline set to resize them (either “max-width: 100%” or “max-height: 100%”, or min-width, etc. Then switch it from width to height or the other way around).The background is a gif that can be changed out if the picture isn’t fitting properly – i.e. one side is sticking out or doesn’t fill the whole frame. I just as the appearance associated with gif moving behind the“wall” that is off-center. We ensure that is stays set to 100% 100% such that it resizes to suit the display. Should not have problems except on like cellphones.

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